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Welcome to Alaska Dredging,
your gold adventure headquarters...

"I believe there is a buried treasure out there
for each one of us, We just have to go find it..."
—Kevin Gifford, Founder


Alaska Dredging, your Gold Adventure Starts Here...

Here at Alaska Dredging we are the area's #1 source for renting or purchasing portable backpack dredges for local gold prospecting. The Packrat ll is a 2" Backpack Dredge, our exclusive portable gold dredge for area rentals in and around Anchorage, AK.

I'm Kevin Gifford , I have been co-owner of the Packrat ll backpack dredge manufacturing production facility for 8 years. After doing several gold/sportsmans shows and hearing what folks would say about always wanting to try it but never had the opportunity to do so. Partly because its expensive to get into or the fact that there are no other companies that rent out this type of dredge. So here’s your chance. Gold is always on the move!

“Now anyone can dredge for gold with the Packrat ll Dredge by the day or days.”


Alaska has several places for small-scale mining within a couple hours drive of Anchorage.

Bertha Creek area is south of Anchorage about 2 hours. Caribou Creek is about 2 hours to the north. Then there is always Petersville Creek area which is a solid 3 hour drive to get to the recreational area but a very beautiful day drive with the hopes of seeing Mt. McKinley in the distance. One of our favorite places very local to Anchorage is Crow Creek Mine.


Alaska Dredging will supply you for the full adventure of gold dredging in Alaska.

We want your experience to be more than once in a lifetime. We want you to come back and visit again. Along with the dredge rental will come a tote with two 3.5 gallon buckets, 2 sizes of classifiers, tweezers, two 1 gallon ziplock bags, plastic scoops, magnifying glass, vials, gold pans and roll of paracord and a snuffer bottle to save your gold.


When you are finished dredging, you will be able to classify the material and take with you in 2 one gallon freezer bags. Long sleeve rubber maybe available to purchase but recommend each person bring a pair. Also we will not be supplying rubber boots or a dry suit. So either plan on bring a pair or purchasing when you get to town. Hip waders locally run at $40.00 a pair.

The PackRat II Portable Backpack Dredge

• One Piece Float and Sluice System

• 2" dredge ultra light (less than 50lbs)

• All new powerful radial jet

• State-of-the-art hybrid rare tube

• Angus Mackirk designed sluice box

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